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Bread is one of those hot topics, some people are a whiz others just can't seem to find their way to making a good loaf.  I was making bread dough prior to having a Thermomix (yep doing it the hard way) so what a relief to discover how easy it can be now.  I have been lucky that my bread turns out great at least 99% of the time - everyone has failures.  So what am I doing that's different to you?  We did a recent post of Facebook to get as much of your feedback as possible so you could all help each other out, its worth a browse so Click here to have a look.  But I will go through my step by step process for bread making.

  • 5g of yeast
  • 280g warm water
  • 520g bread mix
  • 20g olive oil

Place in the bowl as listed above.  If using bakers flour and you need to add salt, put salt on top of the flour not on the yeast.

Mix on Speed 7 for 5 seconds then knead for 1.5-2 minutes.  I put about a tablespoon of oil on the Thermomat and tip the dough onto it.  Bring into a ball, wrap in the Thermomat and allow to rest in a warm spot for approx 30 minutes.  I often use a heat pack in winter to help it out. 

Turn your dough into scrolls, rolls or a loaf.  You can do your second rising in the oven by placing in a cold oven and turning the temp up to 200deg.  When doing a bread loaf I prefer to do the second rising in the tin for a better result.  This should take about 30 minutes then place the bread into a preheated oven at 200deg.  Your bread is cooked when it sounds hollow to tap on it. Never leave your bread in the tin to cool, always use an rack to allow the steam to escape so the bread doesn't go soggy.

Some people like to add some bread improver into their mix and have had great results.  If you are needing to do this try and buy a natural bread improver to avoid using unnecessary additives.

So that is how I do it and have had great success, probably not much different to how you have tried.

Some fabulous suppliers that I use are

  • All About Bread.  These guys really know their stuff and always willing to help you out.  If you live in Perth its definitely worth popping in to check out their great range. 
  • WeighNPay.  Another terrific place to stock up on all your baking needs with friendly customer service.
  • 2brothersfood.  These guys have an amazing, affordable range of products for your thermomix but this is an online service.