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Alfredo Pasta

I used to love the old Continental Pasta Alfredo sachets (years ago when I didn't know better!) but I haven't eaten it for years.  This was my mission tonight and I NAILED it!!!  I have really been enjoying cooking my pasta in the sauce in the TMX bowl with different recipes.  I have found using spaghetti works well but other types of pasta can get mushed even on Soft Speed. Tonight I cooked the pasta in the basket while the base of the sauce was brewing underneath and it worked an absolute treat.  The end result a deliciously cheesy, creamy pasta that was in tact!  I also added julienne zucchini (because I had it available).  Just a fantastic pasta side dish or add some chicken to make it a stand alone meal.  Eb x

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  • 300g light cream
  • 500g water
  • 50g chicken stock paste (or vegetable)
  • 80g parmesan cheese
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 300g pasta
  • ½ zucchini (julienne or grated)

Place cheese into TMX bowl and grate on Speed 8 for 3 seconds.  SET ASIDE.

Place 150g cream, water and stock paste into the bowl, insert the basket and add pasta and zucchini.  TIP:  Rinse your pasta under water like you would with rice.  Helps the cooking.

Cook for 20 minutes at Varoma Speed 4.  You will need to stir the pasta after 10 minutes and again after 15 minutes.  Place pasta and zucchini in your thermoserver.

Add parmesan, 150g cream and cornflour to the bowl and mix on Speed 4 for 30 seconds.  Pour over the top of the pasta and stir through.  Leave to rest for 5 minutes.