Who Are We

About Us

In short we are 4 working mum’s who have made a connection through food.  We are committed to making healthy, quick and tasty meals for our families and are keen to share what we learn and the creations we make.  ThermOMG is Amber, Bek, Ebony and Gaye.

So how did we come to this?  Amber and Ebony are sisters who have always had a love of food and cooking.  In the last 20 years we have spent many lunches and dinners together and sharing successes and flops.  Our mum was our greatest teacher and inspiration.   Ebony and Bek spent some years together at High School but lost contact for some 20 years but through Facebook rekindled a friendship and quickly realised we both had the same passion for food.  Gaye and Ebony have become best friends through our children and have spent many meals, cakes and coffees together as food is just one of our common interests. 

When we all became Thermomix owners we were immediately amazed by the ease it created a taste sensation every time.  Initially showing our photos on our private Facebook site it was suggested we create our own page and stop hounding our “friends” with our food.  Since setting up our ThermOMG site our followers have steadily increased much to our surprise and joy.  But we know there are a lot of people who are not Facebookers but would like to be inspired to use their Thermomix to its full potential.  We hope that this site helps you.


Please be aware that we are not nutritionists, health experts or chefs.  We are mums who cook to suit the needs of our own family (including our pets).  We are not qualified to give you any health or food advice and strongly recommend that you do your own research to ensure what you are feeding your family meets your own health needs.


We are also not Thermomix or food processor experts and will take no responsibility for any failed recipe or damage that occurs to your machine whilst using any of our recipes.  All recipes have been made in our own kitchens and have been successful with our own family and friends hence why we would like to share them with you.  Please always be aware of your own machines capabilities and follow the recommended guidelines for it.

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