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Organic Vanilla Beans

I was recently asked by Carly at Vanilla Queen to try her product and do a review, not something I have done before but as I am always in search of good quality products I was more than happy to oblige.  Now let it be said I would only ever share a product with everyone if I truly believed it was a good product and worth spending your money on.

The vanilla pods were received quickly in the mail in the vacuum sealed bag (as pictured) and the smell that came from the packaging before it was opened was gorgeous.  To then open up the sealed packaging to find a bunch of moist vanilla beans that had the most outrageously good aroma was wonderful.  I have definitely found my new supplier!!

Previously to get cheap vanilla beans I had been asking my sister to be my "mule" and bring them home from Bali.  They can be picked up cheaply in Bali but they DO NOT compare to these ones - not even a little.  The Bali beans dried out very quickly and were brittle but these are fresh.

I immediately made 2 batches of vanilla bean paste (my main use for vanilla beans) which then got turned into a custard and icecream.  My youngest daughter LOVES icecream.  I have been making the same vanilla icecream for 2 years using my vanilla bean paste but for the last 6 months she was complaining it tasted "cheesy".  What the?  So here was the test.  I made icecream using my Vanilla Queen pods and guess what?  Not cheesy - hoooorah!!!  I am not a huge fan of icecream but purely for research I had some of the icecream last night too - absolutely delicious.

So I HIGHLY recommend this site and her products.  The cost for 100g of beans is $40 - so how many beans is 100g??  Well my packet had around 38 in it (I think!) so when you do your cost comparisons to buying vanilla bean paste and making it, making it wins hands down!!

To order your vanilla products go to:

Or contact Carly via Facebook at

Hope you guys enjoy them as much I do.

Vanilla Bean Paste Recipe

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