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Why on earth would you become a consultant??

As many of you know I recently became a Thermomix Consultant, something I had repelled for 2 years.  I had absolutely no inclination to ever take this path as I was someone who cooked in the Thermomix not sells them.  So why on earth would I now decide to do this?  Was it...

A. To make bucket loads of money off my family and friends

B. To spend some much needed time away from husband and kids

C. To put myself in some awkward situations

D. None of the above

Hopefully you all realise it is of course D none of the above.  

I can only speak for myself (but I see it to be true for others as well) but I became a consultant for a number of reasons but the main one was because this is a product that has completely changed my life and I truly believe in its value.  I would never in a million years be that person that goes into peoples homes to try and sell something and to be honest I still don't see that as me.  Instead I am someone that goes into peoples homes to cook for them and hopefully help improve their life in the same way mine has been improved.  To share the joy that cooking can bring, to share the ease that gourmet cooking can be and to share the flavours that real food has - none of this processed packaged rubbish.

I never enter a demo EXPECTING a sale but I am always HOPEFUL that someone will hear what I have to say and understand it.  If you say no to purchasing, that's ok but my dream is that one day everyone will have one in their kitchen (complete Thermomix Domination - hahahaha).  No one can fully appreciate the value of spending $1,939 until you have it in your kitchen and you are experiencing it (I certainly could never appreciate it until now).

I have had some interesting demos thus far and I am sure there are plenty to come but for anyone who is invited to a demo let me say this.  If you agree to go, go happily.  Be involved, enjoy the food.  It's ok to say you enjoyed the food - I know just because you said you enjoyed it doesn't mean you will buy it but its nice to know I am doing my "job" right.  If you don't want to go to a demo then be honest to the person asking you and say NO.  But seriously why would you say no to 2 hours of seeing some friends and being fed.  It's a good time (well at least my demo's are!!)  Please also remember I am leaving my family to come and potentially help yours so make me feel welcome (FYI to date ALL my hosts have been totally gorgeous so thank you soooooo much).

Like most consultants, I have another job.  I am a book keeper to a construction company and I love it.  Thermomix is just my hobby with perks (at least that's how I see it).  It brings me enormous joy to deliver someone their new baby and help them discover a new way to fresh, healthy, quick, delicious cooking.  I am loving it.

I like the "old fashioned" way of cooking

So I've heard a number of reasons why people can't buy one and I see plenty of comments on various sites out there from people who say the Thermomix kills cooking and takes away  the joy of "old fashioned" cooking.  You will only ever hear this comment from a NON Thermomix owner because those of us who love to cook and own one understand it takes the joy of cooking to a whole new level.

But let me ask this question.  So those that love cooking "the old fashioned" way, do you hand wash all your clothes?  Probably not because someone introduced you to a washing machine that suddenly allowed you to clean your clothes while you were busy doing other things.

Do you hand wash all your dishes?  Maybe if you are like me and haven't been able to put a dishwasher in your kitchen yet but I can't wait to renovate and get that machine in my life but how marvellous that most people now have a machine that can clean their dishes while you are busy doing other things.

Think of all the "gadgets" you have in your house that were designed to make your life easier and are now accepted as common place, you wouldn't live without them.  That is the Thermomix.  I don't enjoy tearing up whilst chopping onions or standing at a stove top trying to get a smooth cheese sauce - I enjoy eating the results but I don't enjoy the time that goes into it. My love for cooking has only been accelerated by being able to achieve so much more.  Being far more creative than before.

As always these are just my personal thoughts and if you have come to the end then thanks for reading along.  If you are looking for inspiration to cook great food I really hope our site provides it but remember there are oodles of websites with people like me who want to inspire you to cook amazing meals and impress your family and friends.  

Thanks for being part of ThermOMG, your support and comments is what drives us to continue sharing our recipes.

Have a fantastic week.  Eb xx