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Don't let our site die!

The ThermOMG blog page has been up and running now for over a year and we are loving sharing our recipes and experiences with you.  But do you know how much time and love is poured into every post?  We will repeatedly subject our family to the same old dish until it is perfected and share them excitedly with you all in the hope that you all love them too.  

Some of you are just too wonderful for words, coming back to our page to share with us your love of the recipe but sadly it is only a few of you.  Our site will flourish and grow only if we receive positive feedback from those following.  We need you to stay involved and leave comments that others will read and decide if they will also make it.  I ALWAYS tell people to read the comments before making a website recipe so I would like to encourage everyone to please be a part of our cooking adventure.  

We are happy for you to share things you did differently to suit your personal tastes or dietary requirements as this also helps others.

If we don't get comments then we will assume that the recipes are not being enjoyed and therefore why are we sharing them.  Don't let ThermOMG wither away to nothing, feed us with your love and it will continue to grow.

Should you ever find a mistake in a recipe or a spelling/ grammar error please feel free to email us at so we can fix it up ASAP.  We are after all not English majors, we are mums and yes we make mistakes too.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports this site and joins the fun on Facebook.  We really appreciate your kind words.


FYI - we receive no personal information about you when you leave a comment except the name you type in.