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A Duck's Tale

As some of you may know my mum (aka The Duck!) and dad have recently joined our Thermomix Community. Since having mine, I did suggest on a number of occasions that perhaps they should get one but despite loving the food I was cooking for them, they seemed stuck in the idea that they were either too old or it was just unnecessary as they were only cooking for themselves.  Jump to a couple of months ago when my dad came to one of my demos!  Hmmm suddenly it got him thinking, which got me thinking.  So with his 70th birthday looming next month we jumped at the opportunity to contribute towards this magnificent gift.

They have only had their Thermomix for about 4 weeks but I think true love has set in.  My dad is no longer living off steak but instead relishing in the variety that a Thermomix brings.  This is bringing me enormous joy to see them loving being back in the kitchen and telling me about all the wonderful creations they are making.  I also love how adventurous they are being with it, trying dishes that even I haven't.  

My mum is (like most mums!) the most incredible woman I know.  She is so giving of her time to everyone and very supportive and loving to her kids and 7 grandkids.  Life would be dull without her that's for sure!  She has been so excited with her new "gadget" that she wanted to share her love with everyone so here are a few words from my mum.  Look out she may have her own blog coming soon!!!  Eb x

My wonderful Mum and Dad on the day they became Thermomix owners. 

My wonderful Mum and Dad on the day they became Thermomix owners. 

"My introduction to the world of cooking entailed a day of chopping (wood & vegetables), whipping, stirring, mincing, kneading & lighting our combustion wood stove. By days end the arms and back had a real work out.

Time marched on, as it does and I graduated to a modern electric/gas stove/oven, I also went through a few Mixmasters, food processors, slow cookers, electric knifes, microwaves, juicers, pie makers Oh! My the list just goes on & on! That's called progress & I am sure many of you can attest to kitchen cupboards overflowing & bench tops crammed with the latest, easy to use gadget.

As I got older I lost my passion for food & cooking. Now retired my husband took over the chore.  Now don't get me wrong, I appreciated this but we had a staple diet of meat & 2/3 veg, chops, steak, sausages, meat and more meat, the same mundane meals week after week. When asked if we would use a Thermomix we replied "No way!"

It's a lot of money for just two. Then out of the blue we received one from our wonderful children, and let me tell you it has changed both of our lives.  We Love, love our Thermomix "Thing" and now feel they are worth every cent.

Why wouldn't you opt for ONE AMAZING machine that pretty much does it all?  We actually fight over whose turn it is to cook.  So easy to use creating great, tasty, wholesome food and has inspired us to experiment and cook tasty meals with fresh produce and now we are feeling healthier.

OH! And we have plenty of free space in cupboards & on the bench a Win! win.
I am constantly hearing the phrase" I like to cook the old way".  Well here's our catch phrase
Cook the old way,  ( NO WAY)
We may be old But we GET IT!
There is no competition as Thermomix is real true blue"


Love it, thanks Duck.  Now back to the kitchen and start converting some of your golden oldie recipes.  Love you always xxx