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Be honest, do you really save money with a Thermomix?

Lately I have been very curious about the true cost saving of having a Thermomix.  Whilst I keep harping on about how much it must be saving us I have never actually thought too much about it. So for MY OWN INFORMATION ONLY I decided to do a comparison of things I used to buy prior to owning a Thermomix and to how I do things now.  Must say I am glad I did because I can quite confidently say I AM ABSOLUTELY SAVING MONEY!  This was put together based on MY household so may be of great interest to you or no interest at all.  But I just thought I would share with you how and where I am now saving.

My Weekly Food Budget

Here is a table of SOME items I used to purchase prior to owning a Thermomix and how much it now costs me to make it.  

So pre Thermomix days I would buy the following on a weekly basis so this is what I am now saving    

  • 2 loaves from bakery           $9.62
  • 4 cheesymites                    $12.44
  • Tortillas                              $3.93
  • Coconut milk                      $3.09
  • 14 serves porridge             $5.32
  • 1 tub yoghurt                      $7.21
  • Pizza                                   $3.19
  • 2 x vegetable stock           $7.98

Total weekly saving just on my food budget $52.78

All the other items I also use on a daily/weekly basis but hard to put an exact weekly saving on it so the real food budget saving is much higher than above.

There is some talk out there that it costs you more because you are now buying fresh produce. Personally I have always been big on buying fresh.  I go to the markets every week (to save money) and can spend between $50-$70 (depending on the season) on fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.  But here's the thing it's FRESH!!!  You can not put a price on your health.  This is a long term investment, what you put in today will help you in the future.  If you choose to eat a poor diet I do feel that your body will not run as efficiently and it will cost you money somewhere down the track. 

Gas Usage

My gas bill has gone down which is very interesting given in January 2013 we installed a new much larger capacity hot water storage tank.  We only use gas for our stove top and water heater.


After sharing this post on Facebook, the issue of electricity was raised.  Here are my personal thoughts.

I can't do a direct comparison on my electricity bills mainly because it wouldn't be an accurate analysis.  Our bill fluctuates depending on the weather mainly.  We have a reverse cycle air conditioner so if a summer is particularly hot we use the air conditioner a lot more.  Also if it is a cold winter the heater gets used more.  Not to mention if there is a lot of rain my dryer gets turned on.  These are the items that really use up electricity.

But remember pre Thermomix days I was already using a rice cooker, blender, food processor, electric frypan, juicer, slow cooker and also using my microwave a lot more.  All of these devices have now been removed from my kitchen except for the frypan and microwave which rarely get used.  I would have cooked about 80% of my meals in the electric frypan now it makes an appearance maybe once a month.  My microwave was always getting used but now its hardly ever.

So we all know that a Thermomix has a maximum draw of 1500W if used at the highest heat setting.  So how does this compare to a microwave/frypan.  Whilst a microwave can be anywhere between 700 -1500W (depending on your model) an electric frypan (based on the one I have) is 2400W!!!  

If you would like more information on the Thermomix and its electricity usage, Helene at has a great blog post and I encourage you to read it.  Click Here 

One thing that did occur to me though, I no longer use my oven to keep food warm!  I have a couple of Thermoservers that I use everyday and are more efficient and retaining heat and keeping the integrity of the food (ie not drying it out) than an oven and for most of us those Thermoservers are FREE when you host a demo.


We used to average having takeaway about once a fortnight, I haven’t bought takeaway Thai or Indian since having the Thermomix. I’ve stopped buying Teriyaki Chicken and rarely go to Grill’d (our preferred burger takeaway).

Other ways I save

All fruit not used up in the week gets frozen ready for fruit juices.

All vegetables not used up and turned into vegetable stock or soups

I make all my own curry pastes, jams and sauces – I know I am saving buckets by doing it myself but it would be far too time consuming for me to breakdown all of them.

I also make all my own spice blends.

Instead of buying expensive bakery items and treats I make a huge range of amazing slices, fudges, cookies and cakes.

I generally will only cook with Gravy Beef which is one of the cheapest cuts of meat.