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Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes

I have always struggled when if comes to making cupcakes, they always seem to have awkward bumps and lumps and cracking.  Although they tasted good they looked ridiculous.  So I tried using the Chocolate Fridge Cake recipe on our site as the base for the cupcakes and it was an absolute winner.  In a large pan it bakes flat so I had confidence that it would do the same as a cupcake, and it does!  Topped with a fantastic Buttercream Icing mix and then drizzled with caramel sauce these cupcakes were delicious.  No more paying $5 a cupcake.  Eb x

To make these cupcakes first make a batch of Caramel Sauce, there are plenty of recipes out there but for this particular one I used The 4 Blades recipe - Click here for recipe.  Refrigerate.

Make a batch of the Chocolate Fridge Cake - Click here for recipe

One batch will make 24 normal cupcakes (bake for 10-12 mins) or 48 mini cupcakes (bake for 5-7 mins).  

Make a batch of buttercream icing - Click here for recipe

I added 1 tsp of vanilla paste to mine but you could add whatever essence takes your fancy or just cocoa.