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Inspiring recipes for the Thermomix 

The Beginners MUST Make List

With so many people being lucky enough to receive a Thermomix over the festive period, including some of my friends, I thought I would put together a list of recipes that for my money are always winners.  I generally do this for my friends anyway so by having a list for you guys this will make it easier to share in the future.  So here is Eb's list of awesome recipes, yes some of them are ours but alot of them are from internet sites, Recipe Community and some cookbooks.  So here goes.

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Main Meals and sides

Other Must Makes



As far as cookbooks go, the Meat on the Menu and Indian cookbooks get a regular workout around here.  The Indian Korma and Bahjees are just delicious.  You can check out the meals we have cooked in our Tried and Tweaked section.   Also if you have access to the 2013 Thermomix Calendar the Sri Lanka Beef and Ricotta Dumplings are to die for.