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Mrs Copley's Brownies

Food is one of those things that can instantly transport you to a time and place in your life and the memories come flooding back.  We can all remember a food moment whether it be bad or good and one of many memories I have are heavenly brownies that one of my best friend’s (Denise) mum used to make.  Wilma Copley (Mrs Copley to me) was born in Brea, California (a town her granddaughter is now named after) and being American she knew how to cook and boy did she know how to cook brownies.  I had never heard of a brownie until I met Denise, but one bite and I was hooked.  She had the perfect combination of crunch on the outside and gooey in the middle EVERYTIME!!!   When I eat these brownies I am reminded of many a sleepover with my friend and feeling like one of the family, Mrs Copley really had a way of making everyone welcome in her home. 

Mrs Copley passed away when Denise and I were 18 from breast/ovarian cancer and she is missed everyday by those who knew her and loved her.  In a brave move, Denise is going in for a hysterectomy so that she does not suffer the same fate as her mum.  I am enormously proud of her for taking this action and ensuring we will be friends well into the nursing home.  Denise now makes these brownies for her children Jack and Brea (and hubby may be allowed the odd one here and there).  I know I will never make them as good as her but in memory of Mrs Copley I have converted the recipe for ThermOMG.  I probably should call them the 1986 time machine brownie but I will always affectionately refer to them as Mrs Copley’s Brownies. Eb x

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Ingredients – Single Batch

  • 125g butter
  • 190g sugar
  • 100g plain flour
  • 30g cocoa (use good quality for best result)
  • 1tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 2 eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 180 deg and line a square pan with baking paper
  2. Melt butter in bowl for 2 minutes at 60deg on Speed 3
  3. Add all other ingredients and mix for 10 seconds on Speed 4.   Scrape down sides and repeat if necessary.
  4. Pour into prepared tin and  bake for 15 minutes.

For a double batch prepare a slice tray.  Double the above ingredients and follow the instructions adding 1 minute onto the melting butter step and bake for approximately 25 minutes.  A double batch gives a more gooey result.