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Beef Cous Cous Salad

This is one of my favourite summer salads but works well in winter too.  Although it doesn't look like, much when the flavours are all combined it's delicious and will have you going back again and again.  I have made this a few times when guests come over and they have all enjoyed it.  I love that it is so simple and fresh. Eb x

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  • 200g low fat greek yoghurt
  • 30g lemon juice
  • 30g oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Handful of fresh parsley and mint
  • Handful of rocket and or spinach
  • Lebanese cucumber, diced
  • 4 eggs
  • Tin of chick peas (drained)
  • 50g roasted pinenuts
  • 200g cous cous (rinsed)
  • 800g water
  • 2 scotch fillet steaks

Add yoghurt, oil, lemon and salt/pepper to bowl and mix on Speed 4 for 10-20 seconds until well combined.  Check seasoning and adjust if required.  Set aside. Clean bowl.

Place herbs in bowl and chop on Speed 7 for 3 seconds.

In a large salad bowl or platter combine rocket/spinach, herbs, cucumber.

Place water in bowl and eggs in basket.  Place Varoma on top and on the bottom tray lay some wet greaseproof paper with the rinsed cous cous on top.  Place the drained chick peas on the top tray.  Cook for 15 minutes at Varoma Speed 4.  NOTE: I like my eggs to be runny for this dish so I removed my eggs after 11 minutes.

While this is cooking oil and season your steak and cook to your liking in a frypan.  Remember to leave it to rest.

Toss cous cous and chickpeas through the greens. Lay halved eggs around and top with sliced steak and pine nuts.  Drizzle over some dressing keeping some aside for the table.